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Secure Evidence M7

Item Code: M7
Price:  $175.00 incl. GST
Was: $225.00

Secure Evidence M7

Item Code: M7
Price:  $175.00 incl. GST
Was: $225.00

Secure Evidence M7 Body worn camera System

Law Enforcement has been reaping the benefits of body-worn cameras (BWC) for years.  Research has shown an overwhelming reduction in violence towards those wearing cameras as well as a significant reduction in contested prosecutions.  The M7 is simplicity at it's best - Slide down to start recording and slide up to stop recording.



Dimension 85 mm x 55 mm x 23mm
Weight 135g (4.76oz)
Sensor 5MP CMOS
Chipset Ambarella A7LA50
Recording Angle Wide Angle 140 degrees
Waterproof IP68
Battey Capacity Built-in 2900mAH Lithium
Battery Life Continuous recording time (battery fully charged, IR closed, Video resolution:
  • 11 hours - 848x480P 30fps
  • 9 hours -  1280x720P 30fps
  • 5.5 hours - 1920x1080P 30fps
Storage Capacity 16G/32G/64G/128G (Standard 32GB)
Recording Time for 32 GB Storage Recording capacity:
  • 5 hours 40 minutes (1920x1080P 30fps)
  • 8 hours 31 minutes (1280x720P 30fps)
  • 13hours 40 minutes (848x480P 30fps)
848x480P 30fps)
Charging Time 240 minutes
LCD Screen No LCD
Video Format H.264 MPEG4
Audio Format AVI
Audio Microphone High Quality Built-in Microphone.
Watermark User ID, Time and Date Stamp, GPS coordinates Imbedded inBuilt-in.
Activation prompt Audible and Vibration to indicate recording Start and Stop
Audio/Video Playback No
Video Transfer USB
Unique ID number Include 5 digit device ID and 6 digit police ID
Password protect To palyback video or change setting, camera requires a password. (Password can be changed on setting)
Working Temperature -1060 degrees Celsius
Standard Accessories USB cable, Charger, Manual, Universal metal clip, Epaulet clip, Charging dock, Charging cable